Simple tips to clear URL blacklisted

Dear readers,

Today, I am happy person not because my birthday is today. But when you are refer back my post at my old blog. It is a stories how my url was backlisted from akismet. I still don’t know why it happen to me. My friend said that am I used a nick same a name of virus like trojan, worm or whatever. So akismet detected as a spam. This day, my URL was clear back after two months. So I want give you to some tips to clear back blacklisted URL.

1. Open this link. Report spam.

2. Fill on the black like your email, URL (used blaclisted URL to admin know it)

3. Tell your reason

4. Click Submit

5. After one day admin will process your cases. But I am not confirming yet.

Using 5 easy step. I hope you will happy back to blogging same as me now. Good Luck!!


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